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The most overlooked micro and macronutrient gaps for aviaton professionals can be supplemented with these 3 supplements. Ideal for increasing cognitive and physical performance as well as muscle recovery. This Bundle contains Caramel flavor Hydrolyzed Iso Whey Protein. If you prefer Chocolate flavor, then please select "Cleared for Takeoff Bundle (Chocolate Flavor)" Bundle supplies one month of supplmentation and shipping is included!

Cleared for Takeoff Bundle (Caramel Flavor)

SKU: 87654321
$160.00 Regular Price
$144.00Sale Price
  • The supplements in this bundle will cover the major micro and macro nutrient gaps in aviation professionals. Even for those with a balanced diet. Amongst the supplements are one month supply of Omega 3's, Multivitamin and Phytonutreints, Vitamin D3, Magneisum Bisglycinate, Whey Protein, and Electrolyte replenishment. All to improve cognitive and phyhsical performance, increased energy levels, hydration levels, and muscular recovery. If intolerant to whey protein, there is a beef protein powder option. Please email to process entire order that is with Beef Protein. Otherwise, you can add this bundle to cart and continue checkout process. Shipping is included!

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