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Sunset over the Mountains


Exercising has been part of my life since I was about 6 or 7, and took on a structured exercise discipline when I was 12. My second passion is to help others achieve and improve their Health & Fitness in aviation through knowledge and experience.

Early in my aviation career I discovered that being a pilot wasn't my only dream and passion. I also discovered the many obstacles that aviation poses and challenges us even more to maintain good health.  Over the past years as being a pilot, I have taken all my exercise knowledge and applied it to the dynamic lifestyle of a crew member. Mastering and balancing techniques that overcome those obstacles.

As NASM certified Personal Trainer and a Robbins-Madaness certified Intervention Coach, I educate on exercise and mindset training for people who constantly travel to maintain optimal health.

I had an amazing opportunity to train at Bommarito Performance Systems back in 2011-2013. There, I got trained with professional athletes in the MLB and NFL. Then in 2015, I also had an incredible opportunity to work for personal trainer Billy Beck, who is one of my mentors and has inspired me on how to make a positive impact. 

I've had the pleasure of virtually training airline pilots, and airshow pilots, to improve their health and performance on and off the aircraft. My job as a PT and Intervention Coach is to provide the education for each individual to take and adapt it their needs and lifestyle. My passion is seeing you succeed!

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