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Fitaviatorsclub & Designs for Sport

High quality is the main goal for any product or service associated with Fitaviatorsclub. When it comes to supplementation you want to get high quality, safe, effective supplements and Designs for Sports (DFS) delivers just that. With over 35 years in the industry, DFS has been known and trusted by thousands of people including doctors, sports teams, college and professional athletes, and celebrities. Don't just take these words for it, as they as certified by the NSF to credit their manufacturing safety, high bioavailability, and is all backed by their research. I wouldn't be using these health supplements if they didn't deliver the high quality products that they do. Use FITAV10 at checkout for 10% discount

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Why I Supplement

I supplement because of the importance of filling in any nutritional gaps that may be missed, even with my balanced diet during my flights and at home. Use Fitav10 at checkout for a 10% discount


Consultation Call 

Book a consultation call to know more about what supplements are appropriate for you. Whether you fly long haul, short haul, throughout the night, or during the day. At DFS we have a team of registered dietitians, sports performance coaches, and doctors that can assist with specific supplementation for you. 



The Day or Night bundles are specifically chosen supplements to fill in nutritional gaps to improve cognitive and physical performance in and out of the aircraft. Click to read more..

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